Promotion of better and more satisfactory
hospice/palliative care
The purpose of our endeavors
Our main purpose is to contribute to better hospice/palliative care and to improve Japanese public health care through the following activities:

Activity 1 - Investigation/research
We are vigorously supporting the hospice / palliative care-related information network among individual hospice/palliative units, at-home hospice care efforts, and newly-established activities of hospice / palliative units around the world.

Activity 2 - Training of staff
We are providing medical staff with lectures, training courses, and when possible, using knowledgeable instructors from abroad. We are also providing financial support for trainees and for training facilities.

Activity 3 - Public relations
We are engaged in overall PR activities using our books, various kinds of materials, and pamphlets conveying the basic concepts, information and technology which are necessary to advance hospice/palliative care.

Activity 4 - International exchange
We are promoting international dialogue with the more advanced countries in this field, and making efforts to exchange the latest information with these countries. We are also trying to assist Japanese medical staff who study abroad, and we are accepting foreign trainees to be trained in Japan.

Activity 5 - Others
We are energetically conducting other activities which are essential to our objective --- contributing to better and more satisfactory hospice/palliative care in Japan.
Japan Hospice
Palliative Care

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